The process

Designing a garden is a fun and exciting experience!

Following your initial contact, we can provide a no obligation visit to discuss your plans and what you hope to achieve. As a garden design can often be a new experience, the stages of a full design are below.

Survey and consultation

The survey and consultation are vital to learn about the space to be designed. As well as the layout and boundaries, this stage looks at features to emphasise or conceal to make the most of your space.

Mood boards

Mood boards and visualisations help to collect the ideas we would like to bring into the garden, based on our discussions with you.


The design will bring together your aims for the garden based on how you’d like to use your garden and the effect you’d like to achieve.

Planting plan

The plants are chosen at the end of the project, once the planting area is known. The plants are chosen based on the garden conditions and your favourite colours and styles to give year round interest with the right plants for your space.

Tips for an environmentally friendly, beautiful planting border