Design your own borders 

  • Small groups taught by award winning garden designer
  • 5 Zoom meetings (1.5 hours each) of live sessions and discussion about how to choose plants, shrubs and trees to transform your space.
  • 30 minutes private feedback and discussion with tutor
  • Guided work to do at home
  • Real case studies and examples of inspiring plant combinations and layouts
  • Notes, resources and recommended reading to refer to after the course
  • Peer support in a closed Facebook group

Cost: £185 for 5 group sessions (1.5 hours each), plus 30 minute individual session with tutor.

PROPOSED DATES: Further dates to be announced. Express an interest by email ( and we’ll be in touch soon.

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How do I know this course will be suitable for me?

This course will cover how to select plants for a variety of gardens and soil conditions, but it would be great to chat to anyone thinking of signing up before the start of the course to help ensure the content is well aligned to peoples’ needs. 

How many people will be on the course with me? 

There will be small groups of 5 – 8 people on each course, which allows for sharing of ideas and sufficient time to focus on individual questions. If there are not enough people booked on the course one week before the course starts, it will be rescheduled and you will be offered a refund or a new date.   

I don’t know much about plants or design, will this course help me? 

This course is designed to help unlock creativity and help you learn the steps a professional garden designer will go through to create an effective plan for your garden borders. It will give more confidence in choosing plants from huge selections and help you pick plants that will thrive with year round colour and interest in your space.  The 30 minutes private chat can be used to help with any specific issues you have about your space.

Do I have to share my work with others on the course? 

Not at all, although many people feel that it’s helpful to share ideas with peers in a supportive, fun, learning environment and can help spark creativity and confidence.  

I’m not free on the dates you have currently. Are other dates planned? 

We are planning to run other courses so if you’d like to take the course but can’t make this date, please complete the google form so we can set future dates. 

When will the private chat with the tutor take place?

This will be scheduled during the course ideally, or up to two weeks after.  This will be agreed between you and the tutor and scheduled for a time that would be most useful for your development.  

What will I have learnt by the end of the course? 

You will have learnt about soil and light conditions and how to choose plants that will enjoy that environment. We will cover the types of plants available, including bulbs, perennials, annuals and shrubs, and how these can be used to best effect.  You will have an understanding of how plants can be chosen and combined to give a ‘look and feel’ and create different styles. You will have learnt about how to arrange and place plants in a border and their basic care. This course aims to help you understand your garden more fully and learn about the steps a professional garden designer undertakes when producing a planting plan.

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